About LingoZING!

Where did LingoZING! come from? Well, our founder Kyra Pahlen had the idea to create an interactive app based on her own experiences of learning languages as a child. Thanks to her love of comic books and graphic novels while growing up, coupled with her global travels, Kyra became fluent in multiple languages and decided to share her brilliant learning techniques by creating LingoZING! for you.

Whoever said language learning can’t be fun couldn’t have been more wrong! Research has proven that fun learning methods trigger the brain’s pleasure system to stop us from getting bored, and that’s what makes LingoZING! the perfect learning tool.

With LingoZING! you can read all of your favorite comics and graphic novels in the language you speak and the language you’re learning, switching between the two as you go along. You also have the ability to listen to audio versions of your downloaded titles, save notes, test your skills and practice your pronunciation to track your progress. The best part? LingoZING! is completely free to download!* Begin browsing and downloading all of your favorite titles right here or alternatively, browse and download titles directly on the app!

What can you find on LingoZING!? Our app has its own extensive online library which offers a range of famous comic books and graphic novels for you to choose from. This includes some of the world’s best-loved classics including Planet of the Apes, Dracula and Genghis Khan, with new publishers being added to the growing library all the time. Whether you’re after a gripping thriller or a hilarious comedy, LingoZING! has something for you!

And as so many children around the world are learning languages from an early age, we’ve also got a large collection of age-appropriate titles just for them! Characters like the Smurfs and Garfield will definitely get your little ones excited about their language learning!

How does LingoZING! work? We’ve been working with experts to find the exact science behind how learning using comic books works! Find out all about it here.

*excluding in-app/online purchases