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LingoZING! is the world's first audio visual language learning comic book app. Now you can read and listen to your favorite comics, graphic novels, picture books, anime and manga while you learn a new language.


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Audio comic books with a twist!

LingoZING! was built with language learning experts to make sure that’s it’s not only fun and engaging but it delivers effective results.

“LingoZING! is a perfect tool for learning languages at all ages as it can be used as a key literacy tool for young students in dual language and immersion education programs; thus using their cognitive abilities and their meta cognitive skills to learn a new language. This methodology of literacy immersion developed by LingoZING! maximizes success for language learning as it is fun, gamified, and enables the learner to gravitate towards subjects and characters of their choosing.”

Gregg Roberts

Director of Dual Language Studies, American Council for International Education. Father of the Bilingual Immersion System in the U.S.

Awesome selection of titles for all ages, all interests, and all levels!

At LingoZING! we really want to make language learning fun, so we work with some of the biggest studios and most popular creators in the world to bring you a great selection of comics.

Some of our titles include:
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Maze Runner
  • Garfield
  • Turma da Monica
  • and many others

Test your pronunciation...and your voice over skills

Test yourself on any dialogue or text box in a comic by tapping the microphone icon. Once you’ve recorded the sentence LingoZING! will process the audio, test it against our benchmarks and if you’ve said the phrase right and your intonation is on point, we’ll reward you with your very own LZGram! 

Share your skills with friends

Once you unlock your LZGram you can share it with your family and friends to show them how you’re progressing.

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Check out the app in action

We're so proud of LingoZING! we made a little video to show it off. You can check it out below or just go ahead and download the app for yourself.


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If we haven't convinced you we're the best language learning app out there yet, then let our engaging list of features do the talking...

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Our Team

LingoZING! has been built and crafted by a group of people with a love for entertainment and a love for languages...what a beautiful combo!

Kyra Pahlen
Chris Diacov
Gianluca Cicogna
Sean Fee
Key Advisor

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We're always looking for awesome people to be part of our journey...they main requirement is that you love entertainment and edtech, the rest we can usually work around.

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* Covid-19 Offer *

In these difficult times, we offer a digital tool that uses Branded multi-lingual Comic Books and graphic novels that are voiced by professional actors. LingoZING developed many features such as being able to record yourself and perfect your pronunciation by voicing your favorite characters. We have titles for all ages, all levels, and all interests. Our endorsed methodology encourages retention and – fun!

Here is our 1st Voucher destined to 16+     

Next voucher for kids out week-end of the 9th May

There is no violence or frontal nudity, but we label ‘adult’ as these comics are not allowed into schools (a thigh seen, a word …)

We thank the wonderful artists and publishers who are allowing us to share this o!er.

Voucher: LZPLUS16

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