The Science

How exactly do comic books help with learning a language, you ask? Here at LingoZING!, we’ve been working closely with leading experts to find out the precise reason behind why they are so effective.

The answer lies in the way images are used alongside written language. Research has shown that 65% of people respond to visuals better than plain text while studying. What does this mean in practice? Simply put, this means that the use of images in comic books and graphic novels help readers contextualise the words more easily. LingoZING! takes this one step further by combining interactive features with comics and graphic novels to help you memorize language in a simpler way.

Did you know that comics and graphic novels are also a brilliant way to help children and young people with ADHD and Dyslexia learn languages? The small amounts of text spaced throughout with graphics placing the words in context allows them to decode a few words at a time, making it easier for them to read and match words with the emotions displayed in the images!

If you’d like to learn more about how comics help with language learning, read our new White Paper, ‘The Evolution of Visual Language Learning’ here.


How It Works

So, you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your Android or Apple mobile device (smartphones and tablets are both compatible). Now, how do you begin your language learning journey?

Once your download has finished, create your LingoZING! account and log in before selecting your languages – firstly the language you speak and secondly, the language you’d like to learn. You’re now ready to start exploring our extensive online library. Whether you’re in the mood for some light-hearted laughs or an enthralling adventure, we have a variety of titles for you to choose from! You can browse and download all of your favorite titles right here or alternatively, browse and download titles directly on the app!

Once you’ve downloaded a title, it’s time for the fun to begin. Add some ZING to your learning by using the unique, interactive app features shown in the video below! You can find a full list of LingoZING! features here.

We’ve made our app as simple as possible to make sure even our youngest users can practice their language learning with ease!

The Team

Kyra Pahlen
Founder, Executive Chairman

Founder of LingoZING!, Kyra Pahlen, now Executive Chairman, has worked for over 20 years in international Business Development. Starting with licensing media rights (including the Superman films), she then opened the international market for Scunci and founded a Sakhalin-based fishing company. Kyra is an award-winning author published internationally (Bertelsmann, Lattes, Pocket, Escapa Calpe, Planeta, Ediciones B), having written the first literary novel on the life of Buddha. She founded Archivum with Walter Cronkite and Pierre Salinger, and is an aspiring but not always successful Zen monk. Kyra herself speaks five languages.

Michael Mathias
Co-Founder & Advisor

Co-Founder & Advisor. 15+ years experience in marketing, business development, and software development. Founder Mojo Media (social media), TREKA (marketplace media), Change Gaming (online gaming). Currently CEO of Das Coin.

Gianluca Cicogna

Experienced early stage investor, fund manager and entrepreneur with three decades of experience building business in the USA, Asia and Africa, Gianluca leads the strategic growth of LingoZING! around the world.

Chris Diacov
Technical Director

Co-founder and CTO Chris Diacov brings in 20+ years of experience in the areas of digital media technology, software and system architecture and business development. His career spans published research in the area of diagnostic imaging to medical image analysis/3D visualization systems through to advanced video acquisition, processing and compression algorithms and large-scale media storage distribution systems. He’s also a founder and veteran of multiple successful start-ups in the field of medical imaging, digital video and processing.

Simon Lloyd

With over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s best known brands, our Chief Marketing Officer brings a wealth of experience in delivering customer growth and building brands that have a loyal customer following. A former Director of Virgin Atlantic Airways and the BBC, Simon joins us from AXA where he led all their brand marketing and digital activities.

Didier Pasamonik
Director of Licensing

Our International Director of Licenses, Didier Pasamonik is regarded as an international comic book expert, publisher, journalist and curator. Former C&O of Bethy Publishing where he published comic books from Marvel and DC Comics in France, he writes for a variety of magazines and newspapers and has published a multitude of essays on caricature, comics and popular culture. CEO of and contributor to the Asterix Archives published by Atlas and Albert-Rene publishing, Didier also teaches at the Holocaust Memorial in Paris.

About LingoZING!

Where did LingoZING! come from? Well, our founder Kyra Pahlen had the idea to create an interactive app based on her own experiences of learning languages as a child. Thanks to her love of comic books and graphic novels while growing up, coupled with her global travels, Kyra became fluent in multiple languages and decided to share her brilliant learning techniques by creating LingoZING! for you.

Whoever said language learning can’t be fun couldn’t have been more wrong! Research has proven that fun learning methods trigger the brain’s pleasure system to stop us from getting bored, and that’s what makes LingoZING! the perfect learning tool.

With LingoZING! you can read all of your favorite comics and graphic novels in the language you speak and the language you’re learning, switching between the two as you go along. You also have the ability to listen to audio versions of your downloaded titles, save notes, test your skills and practice your pronunciation to track your progress. The best part? LingoZING! is completely free to download!* Begin browsing and downloading all of your favorite titles right here or alternatively, browse and download titles directly on the app!

What can you find on LingoZING!? Our app has its own extensive online library which offers a range of famous comic books and graphic novels for you to choose from. This includes some of the world’s best-loved classics including Planet of the Apes, Dracula and Genghis Khan, with new publishers being added to the growing library all the time. Whether you’re after a gripping thriller or a hilarious comedy, LingoZING! has something for you!

And as so many children around the world are learning languages from an early age, we’ve also got a large collection of age-appropriate titles just for them! Characters like the Smurfs and Garfield will definitely get your little ones excited about their language learning!

How does LingoZING! work? We’ve been working with experts to find the exact science behind how learning using comic books works! Find out all about it here.

*excluding in-app/online purchases