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LingoZING! is the world's first audio visual language learning comic book app. Now you can read and listen to your favorite comics, graphic novels, picture books, anime and manga while you learn a new language.


* Requires iOS 7.0 or higher

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Storytelling as a Tool to Engage and Retain

Retention Rates
Visual Interactive Audio Visual
10% 90% 30%
91% Prefer interactive content to static. Interactive content increases retention by 79%

LingoZING! is the only completely customizable B2B learning platform that improves learning success by using Storytelling Audio-Graphic Novels as an effective Learning Tool


LingoZING is an end-to-end Digital Learning Solution

Tapping into modern consumption habits:

Our Approach

Storytelling targets emotions. Bonding with stories and characters achieves Empathy which in turn opens the door to Equality and Inclusion. Our approach keeps the “Humanities” alive through a more human touch.

Corporate Training

Custom made info-bytes in interactive comic format

Have your employees view this Method as a Benefit versus a Burden, as they enjoy the Stories and characters which work as emotional empathic hooks which enhance learning ingestion.

Improve and understand consumption ingestion with empathic story-telling

We provide Solid Tracking Metrics to Track User progress and level of understanding for follow-up training.

LingoZING for the Education Market

LingoZING is the perfect learning tool to complement the curriculum of students all over the world. As the world moves online, more governments and students are looking for innovative and effective distance learning options.

Case Study

Mandated by the Education Nationale in France to convert a number of titles in our catalogue into Italian and provide licenses to over 150,000 students in France with these titles through LingoZING.

LingoZING! is

We can

Crypto - the Graphic Novel

The LingoZING Team created in-house an original graphic novel to help people learn about cryptocurrencies.


Licensed by Le Lombard (leading French graphic novel publisher).

Awarded ‘Prix Lycéen 2019’ by French Ministry of Finance for best teaching tool for students of economics.

Eligible for inclusion in ‘Formation Professionelle’ in France (Large funding for professional learning and development).

Crypto Chapter 1
Crypto Chapter 1
Hedgefund - Le Lombard

What makes LingoZING! unique?

If we haven't convinced you we're the best interactive learning app out there yet, then let our engaging list of features do the talking...

Our Team

We are international experts each in our field with the common denominator of being passionate about educating and promoting cross-cultural understanding

Kyra Pahlen
Kyra Pahlen, CEO International business development and licensing expert. An Award-winning author and successful entrepreneur. Ms. Pahlen has worked for years with top comic book authors and brands; she also co- created the 1st graphic novel on Crypto-currency.
Chris Yerga
VP Engineering at Google (Mountain View / Tokyo) Google Play Engineering - Android/Mobile Team; Director of Engineering at Microsoft, Managing development, test and program management for the Mediaroom server platform. Recently CTO at Shred Labs (SHRED)
Gianluca Cicogna
25+ years advising, building and managing businesses on several continents. Extensive cross border M&A experience. Successful fund manager and technology investor / entrepreneur
Matthew Smith
Led Cisco’s Global Market Development team for IoT till Oct 2018 25+ years designing executable digitization strategies. His primary focus is working with Multi-National organizations and Start-up companies in creating co-innovation opportunities.
Didier Pasamonik
Director of Licensing
International comic books expert, publisher, journalist and curator. Former C&O of Magic Strip Publishing, General Manager of Humanoïds, Senior Editor of Cartoon Creations C&O of Bethy Publishing, where he published comic books from Marvel and DC Comics for France
Anriette Briscoe
Articled for Baker Tilly International in Cape Town, South Africa As a newly qualified Chartered Accountant, worked for Ernst & Young Chicago, audit, and in Jersey in the Channel Islands for 2 years to Assistant Manager Level Financial Accountant at in Jersey Channel Islands

LingoZING! is taking on SDG goal #4

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today!"

Our Assets

Accessibility via multilingual support

Partners like regional education platforms such as Sapphital with 2M learners in Africa

Cultural diversity & understanding

Licensing international titles such as The 99, as well as from Media leaders Disney & Marvel (coming soon.)

Improved learning outcomes through audio-graphics & gamification

Award winning Graphic Novel on Crypto- currency Founder Award Winner Writer for “making Buddha accessible to the people” from United Nations

Improved skills for jobs and entrepreneurship

Partnership with Concannon for Corporate e-learning for employees upskilling & engagement

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